Announcing the PECB Insights Conference 2022

The upcoming Insights Conference will be hosted in the vibrant capital of Belgium at the Renaissance Brussels Hotel on 17-18 November, 2022. This event is a remarkable opportunity for all individuals willing to join discussions on Information Technology and Security and Privacy. This exclusive event aims to create and expand the networking opportunities of the participants, who will be offered the chance to attend sessions delivered by some of the most prominent experts from the worlds of AI, Blockchain, IoT, GDPR, and so much more.

Who should attend this conference?

The Insights Conference is the ideal event for anyone who is willing to learn more about the world of Information Technology, Security, and Privacy, while getting the chance to connect and network with some of the highest esteemed experts in the world of ISO and beyond. Connections made at PECB conferences are long-lasting and highly valuable.

What can you expect from this Insights Conference?

PECB Insights Conference 2022 is a two-day event that will offer a series of roundtable discussions on a variety of different topics related to Information Technology and Security and Privacy. These panels will be headlined by some of the greatest industry professionals from around the world.

The conference will also offer two Pre-Conference Training Courses on 14-16 November. The training courses are a perfect opportunity to advance the skills and competencies of participants.

Pre-Conference Training Courses

To advance the skills and competencies of participants, this conference will also deliver the following pre-conference training courses on 14-16 November, 2022:

  1. Digital Transformation
  2. Lead Crisis Manger

These Pre-Conference Training Courses can be purchased separately or together with the PECB Insights Conference.

We look forward to seeing you in Brussels!

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