Earn CPD Credits by Attending the PECB Insights Conference 2021 Live

The PECB Insights Conference is almost here; scheduled for 15-16 November, this virtual conference will span two days and feature two sets of three simultaneous live sessions in three different languages, English, French and Spanish. You can earn up to 16 CPD credits by attending all the conference sessions live.

With 12 sessions overall that cover topics from AI, Cryptocurrency, IoT, CMMC, 5G and more, each sessions is worth two CPD credits if attended live for 30 minutes or more. These sessions will be run by 36 world-renowned panelists, all highly esteemed professionals and experts in their respective fields. The CPD Credits will be emailed to all eligible conference attendees after the PECB Insights Conference 2021 is over.

Do not miss this highly insightful conference and this amazing chance to earn CPD Credits.

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