Get Ready for PECB Conference 2024: What You Need to Know

PECB Conference 2024

The PECB Conference is the main annual gathering where we bring together experts and thought leaders from around the world to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the field of information technology, security, and privacy.

This year, this exclusive event will take place in the enchanting city of Amsterdam, in the prestigious Van der Valk Hotel Breukelen! This four-day event, scheduled for 30 September-3 October, promises to be an immersive journey, featuring enlightening panel discussions, groundbreaking insights, invaluable networking opportunities, talks, and interactive Q&As, coming to you from a vibrant mix of speakers from all over the world.

In addition to engaging panel sessions and discussions from industry experts, this year’s conference brings a fresh perspective with a variety of dynamic workshops.

Introducing Workshops

Our workshops offer immersive learning experiences designed to equip you with practical skills and knowledge essential for navigating today’s dynamic business landscape. Led by industry experts, these workshops provide hands-on training and insights to help you effectively analyze cyber threats and bolster operational resilience within your organization. Topics covered will include mastering third-party digital risks, transforming threats into strengths, understanding the building blocks of digital protection, and exploring the new era of AI and high-risk AI systems. Join us to gain a comprehensive understanding of these crucial areas and stay ahead in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity and digital governance.

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Introducing Talks

We are excited to introduce a series of compelling talks that delve into the critical aspects of modern cybersecurity and data protection. Attendees will have the opportunity to gain invaluable insights from these Talk sessions dedicated to mastering response strategies in line with international standards, highlighting the essential functions of data protection officers in safeguarding sensitive information, exploring the unique challenges of securing data in cloud environments, and providing a comprehensive look at how security, continuity, risk, and IT governance converge to form comprehensive integrated security frameworks. Join us to deepen your understanding and enhance your organization’s security posture.

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Pre-Conference Training Courses

Moreover, you will have the opportunity to join us in our upcoming Pre-Conference Training Courses, which are going to be held in a blended format. This marks the launch of two new exclusive PECB training courses, curated to address current industry concerns and provide you with the needed strategies and insights to strengthen your organizational posture. They offer an exclusive opportunity to dive deep into key areas of information technology, security, and privacy.

These sessions provide essential training and insights to help you stay ahead of evolving threats and challenges. Join us for expert-led presentations designed to enhance your skills and knowledge. This is a valuable opportunity to elevate your expertise and prepare for success in today’s rapidly changing landscape.

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  1. Certified Cyber Threat Analyst
  2. Certified Lead Operational Resilience Manager

Why Attend This Conference?

Attending the PECB Conference 2024 is essential for IT professionals, security experts, and privacy advocates. Here is why:

  1. Stay updated on industry trends: Gain insights into the latest advancements in IT, security, and privacy through presentations, workshops, and discussions.
  2. Enhance your skills: Participate in hands-on workshops covering a diverse range of topics, allowing you to deepen your knowledge and acquire new skills directly from industry leaders.
  3. Network with peers: Connect with like-minded professionals, and exchange insights and best practices.
  4. Learn from experts: Gain invaluable insights and practical advice from renowned thought leaders and experienced practitioners in the field.
  5. Explore new technologies: Discover cutting-edge products, services, and technologies that can help you stay ahead and achieve your professional goals.


Experience Amsterdam: The Bicycle Capital of the World!

Aside from the professional benefits of attending the conference, you will have the opportunity to discover the heart of Netherlands, Amsterdam, beckoning with its picturesque canals, historic landmarks, and vibrant culture. Moreover, you will have the chance to visit some iconic attractions, such as the Anne Frank House and the Van Gogh Museum and spend the evenings at some of the best Michelin-star restaurants.

Be part of this transformative experience at the PECB Conference 2024, where expertise merge, ideas flourish, and alliances form to shape the future of information technology, security, and privacy. Whether you are a field professional or an aspiring enthusiast, this event will ignite your passion for the field and provide you with the necessary knowledge to navigate the constantly evolving digital terrain.

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