PECB Insights Conference 2021 Topics Explained

Following the second virtual conference held in May of 2021, PECB introduces the two-day Insights Conference centered on technology, security, and privacy. This conference will discuss topics such as data and information protection, digital privacy, benefits, and drawbacks of digitalization, artificial intelligence, blockchain. The discussions are brought to you by a group of remarkable panelists, each an expert in their respective fields.

Our two-day conference will hold six sessions per day, in three different languages – English, French, and Spanish, where you will get answers to important questions, such as the advantages and disadvantages of recent developments, risks and benefits of implementing new technologies, luxuries and necessities, boons and banes of various topics, as well as answers to technological concerns worldwide.

Session 1 – 5G: Do the Benefits Outweigh the Potential Cybersecurity Risks

Humanity has gone to great lengths to acquire comfort and a better life. 5G can provide connectivity with lower latency and be significantly faster compared to previous technologies. It has more capacity than its predecessor, and can advance IoT, personal communications, and even impact AI. Although benefits that come with 5G are numerous, the question remains: Is it worth the possible cybersecurity risks?

Session 2 – Cryptocurrency and Blockchain: Upcoming Trends and Risks in the New Decade

Many questions have arisen on whether cryptocurrency and fiat money can coexist, or if cryptocurrencies may even replace fiat money altogether. State governments are already proposing digital currencies and even making current cryptocurrencies national. These efforts don’t come without risks, mostly related to security. Join this session to hear the panelists discuss this topic and provide answers to many related questions.

Session 3 – Business Continuity: Is Remote Work the Best Way Forward?

Remote work has helped a large part of the workforce in the world to continue working in spite of a global pandemic and has shown a significant increase in productivity and mental wellbeing for many people. However, remote work also has its drawbacks resulting from isolation, increased distractions, lack of community and teamwork. Known as The Great Resignation, this period has shown people jumping out of the boat during the storm and valuing their time more than they did previously. Panelists will discuss the best approach to business continuity post-pandemic.

Session 4 – Information Security by Design: The Future of ISO/IEC 27001

Confidentiality, integrity, availability, the three main objectives of information security are put together in ISO/IEC 27001 to prevent unauthorized access, disruption, and destruction. This international standards aims to prevent losses of the abovementioned triad and to protect information. Join the information security experts as they discuss the upcoming trends and future of ISO/IEC 27001.

Session 5 – Data Privacy in a Digital World: A Necessity or a Luxury?

This session will provide a detailed analysis by case experts of how data can be protected in a world that is digitalizing rapidly, and whether data protection is something that needs to be assured in order to undertake digital transformation, or whether it is a luxury that only few will be able to afford.

Session 6 – Cloud Security: The Challenges in the Times of Growing Cybersecurity Attacks

Protection from malware, phishing, DoS attacks, and numerous other cyber-attacks, is a top priority for organizations that have embraced digital transformation. This session will cover cybersecurity threats related to cloud computing. The panelists will also discuss possible drawbacks to cloud computing and the overall advantages and disadvantages.

Session 7 – Digital Transformation Post Pandemic: Security and Privacy Concerns

As the pandemic has accelerated digital transformation for many businesses, we need to think about the end results of this rapid process, as well as the importance of security and privacy to digitalization. These questions will be discussed in this session from a combination of skilled, professional panelists gathered to give their insights on the topic.

Session 8 – Artificial Intelligence in the Next Ten Years: Modern Warfare or Modern Wealth-fare?

Having been a very innovative field of study in the past decades, AI has contributed to improving the work of various services, such as customer service, smart homes, cybersecurity, web searches, and more – yet we are unclear regarding the ethical implications of this fairly new science, as well as the nexus between warfare and wealth-fare.

Session 9 – Hacking the System: The Growing Necessity for Lead Ethical Hackers

This session discusses the ongoing need for skilled programmers and experts who can gain access to computer systems to identify potential threats and data breaches in a network. Join this session to get a better insight on “White Hat” hacking and learn more about its importance.

Session 10 – When Physical Meets Digital: The Growing Potential of IoT for a Seamlessly Integrated Digital Future

The Internet of Things is a constantly growing network and is a perfect example of Physical Meeting Digital. A group of handpicked panelists is gathered in this session to explore the prospective and future of IoT in a highly likable digital future.

Session 11 – CMMC: A Role Model across the Defense Industrial Base with Implications for 300,000+ DoD Contractors

This conference session will focus on talking about a unifying standard and a program of cybersecurity in the United States government, and its exemplar model across the Defense Industrial Base, aiming at process institutionalization. This panel will also discuss the implications for those providing services to military departments of a government.

Session 12 – Data Breaches: Do We Need More Regulations or Should We Start Implementing End-to-End Encryptions

Preventing data breaches and unauthorized leaks is pushing people and organizations to think about the best possible solutions. A group of experts leading this session will inform you on the most suitable management methods and controls that prevent data breaches.

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